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Tools for Etsy Sellers

These tools will help you be more successful as an Etsy seller, from getting helpful and resourceful insight into your shop and listings, to expanding your presence in the Etsy search results, on social media, and elsewhere on the internet.


Outfy is a social media tool that will allow you to automatically post items from your Etsy shop to different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, WeHeartIt, and several others. Outfy isn't free but offers a free trial.


IFFF - Which stands for "If This, Then That", is an excellent free tool for automating different actions and events between your shop, social networks, and even your cell phone or home electronics.


A great bulk editor for Etsy sellers, this software is the most powerful Etsy bulk editing software available, especially after the fall of the popular bulk editing tool Betsi. Best of all, it is currently free!

Best Auto Renew

A variety of tools to manage your Etsy shop including setting automatic item renewals, scheduling sales events, adding temporary holiday banners, and creating Etsy shop catalogues.

Etsy Sales Map

A simple etsy tool with one purpose: To illustrate exactly where your Etsy sales are coming in from in the United States and internationally.


A unique tool that allows you to keep regular backups of your entire Etsy shop, in case you make changes or an unforeseen event occurs and you need to revert the changes.


A tool for Etsy sellers which will provide insight into your sales statistics, with more data and analytics than the regular Etsy stats.